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Young Professionals

The Young Professionals Weekend



 The Weekend is an experience by and for young people. It is all about you: how you are wired and how you encounter your own life.


During the Weekend you will be listening to other young people’s experiences about how they live their lives. It is built around various themes.

These stories will challenge you to look at your own life. You will get some questions each time to write about your own experiences of these themes.

Themes that we will talk about are e.g.

How have I become the person I am now?

How do I deal with my own feelings?

Where do I stand in relationship to others?

What do I actually believe in?

What do I need to be a happy person?

By listening, writing and talking about important life themes during the weekend you will have made a blueprint of who you are and what you want with your private and professional life.

The Weeked is based on christian inspiration, but is open to anyone between the age of 22 and 35 years old.

Some responses of young professionals who did the Weekend

‘I have become more sincere in making the right choices and therefore I feel more like a free person and less inclined to make my choices because of others.’

‘I felt I could identify with the stories of others on the Weekend.’

‘I like the openness and trust that I experienced on the Weekend.’

 ‘I felt really listened to’.

‘This is an experience I want every young professional to have’.

‘I felt I discovered my real self at the Ypro Weekend’

The Ypro Weekend is an integral part of the worldwide Encounter movement, that offer weekends for married couples as well as for single people. For more information write us through Contact Us (see button left).