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Get to know the LEAF Foundation and the founders...


Our interests and our dreams for the future

Life Encounter A(sia) Foundation is an organization that is all about how you can encounter yourself, others and the Other, through life-changing experiences, coaching and development of skills.


The heart of the LEAF Foundation is to develop a balanced life and improve the well being of individuals and families by helping them to grow emotionally, relational and spiritually.

LEAF assists people in developing their skills (vocational and artistic skills) by providing

          scholarships, micro loans and coaching.

We plant seeds in order to establish a self sufficient life for individuals as well as families.

          Most of the LEAF activities are taking place in Asia.

The LEAF Foundation translates in Thai as    
, which stands for
'life is blossoming'
LEAF is branching out to the needy and
those who want to flourish in life.

The founders...

Our names are Dick & Johanna de Koning. 

We have been living and working in Thailand since 1986, first being involved with refugees from Laos and later servicing the Thai people and foreigners, mainly through our Counseling Office in Bangkok.

Our mission is to help families and individuals in emotional need  through counseling and training. Helping them to become their own people's helpers.

We have been the initiators for the LEAF Foundation.

We both have degrees in clinical and pastoral counseling and have been blessed with international & Thai counterparts who are also counseling (Thai) people.

Our experiences of organizing Marriage Encounter Weekends since the year 2000 have taught us many valuable lessons. Another page is being created for Marriage Encounter (click here).

Also Young Professionals Encounter is something we organize. See its separate page.

We have a family and (grand) children who have grown up and are now taking care of themselves.

Info for the Dutch: 

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