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New Developments in Maehongson

November and December have been busy with planning and execution of a giant water tower, containing 4000 liters of water, to be distributed to all households in the Karen village of Maejanoi, in Maehongson province. Maehongson is the poorest province of Thailand with a population of about 276,000 (in 2016).

An entire network of pipelines was also laid at the same time throughout the village in 5 directions.

LEAF worked together with several villagers and 8 engineers from Engineers Without Borders from the Houston (Tx) chapter.

For more photos, see below.

Marriage Matters Seminar held in March 2018

Participants were blessed in their relationship when they came to the One Day Seminar about Marriage at AIT campus in Bangkok.

One couple said this was the first time in their life to write each other a love letter.

Couples married between 3 months and 22 years joined to learn from each other. It was a blessed event.

Reforestation in Maejanoi

Since a couple of months we have seen changes happening on the Ecological Farm, namely.....

The farm has become a Demonstration Farm under Royal Patronage of Princess Pratheep (H.R.H.Princess Sirindhorn). The farm is focusing on re-forestation, whereby trees and plants can be beneficial to the inhabitants of the land as well, as they are able to harvest the fruits and use it for their own families or to sell the produce.

Princess Sirindhorn has visited the farm and was presented with some bottles of ecological Rosella Juice,  which was grown on the land. In the picture you can see her in the middle, writing down some data and on the right the representative of the LEAF Foundation, Mrs. Srichan.

Another Project on the farm is a Weaving Project, aimed at creating income for women from the village. Six women are participating in the project.

The Story of Nid

I am Nid * and I am 13 years old. My father and my mother are hardworking people. We used to live upcountry. My mother could get a good paying opportunity in Bangkok, so she went and I stayed home with my father. He is a driver. My father would have to do overtime on many occasions, so an aunt, that waited to follow her husband to America took care of me.

My father started to drink more and more, which embarrassed me. I got very angry with him. We decided that I should live with an uncle and aunt that have children around my age, but I was not happy at their home. In the meanwhile my mother's position at work was cancelled, so we hardly had an Income and my parents decided to move back to the area of our grandparents to make a living there.

I wanted to go back to my old school where I fitted in well.I had to start high school and moved back with another aunt to take care of me, but I had to be too much on my own. That is when my mother suggested to me to attend a boarding school closer to the village, so I could have a regular life pattern and visit home, whenever the school has breaks.

I visited the school and liked the atmosphere. A few cousins are also going to the same school. My mom requested a scholarship from L.E.A.F. and to my surprise it was granted to us.

I am very happy that I can start anew and get this opportunity. I have started piano lessons and I am already the leader of the basket-ball team. I love sports. I used to win competitions in swimming contests. My dream is to become a sports teacher and I do hope I will get there. I want to thank you all that you made this possible for me.

* (name and picture changed for confidentiality reasons)


We would like to thank you sincerely for your 

support from the foundation.

You have chosen to support our 3 children and we 

feel very blessed. That is why we wanted to write 

this Thank You letter to the foundation.

We now can send one of our children to school and 

we can buy some necessities for our family.         

Our quality of life has improved considerably, thanks to your support.

May God bless the LEAF foundation much and also your committee.

Respectfully yours,

The Choo family