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Creating Hope and a Future

Be is really active these days, teaching women how to dye yarn and fabric.

It is a joy to see how eager these women are to learn new skills and apply them immediately.

We are thankful that LEAF can be instrumental in giving the villagers new hope to generate more income.

In the News

LEAF has recently been in the local news, as preparations are on the way of providing clean drinking water to the village of Maejanoi, Maehongson province. This has taken place already April 2016, when the dry season was going to to have its impact again on villagers and their water supplies.

One farm (on the outskirts of the village) received special assistance in February with the digging of an extended well and water reservoirs, to hold water of a natural well and use it for drinking, irrigation, as well as for raising fish.

The pictures below show what has happened so far. This farm cannot benefit from the assistance from Engineers Without Borders, as it is located too far out from the village. Since the water holes were dug out a natural underground stream is now filling the reservoirs and the extended farmers family can begin to draw from that well and keep sufficient water at hand for the other functions.

In the meantime Engineers Without Borders volunteered to build a water storage tank, in a joint effort with villagers, holding 40.000 liters of drinking water, in the village of Maejanoi.  Photos are in the column on the right.

This is how little there was left for an entire family.

Also the small mountain stream has almost stopped providing water to the tap.