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New Initiative: handwoven tablecloth + coasters 

You can now order your Handwoven and handmade table cloth + Coasters in your own desired color.

The fabric is pure cotton, hand dyed with natural dyes only.

The work is done in the village of Maejanoi, Maehongson Province, to provide an income to poor Karen women and their families.

Please, tell us the size of your desired tablecloth in Centimeters.

There is a waiting period of several months.

If you can wait that long, you will have helped an family in need.

Tell us your desired measurement (L & W) in Centimeters plus the color you would want.

You can respond by using this Contact Us Button

How Else You Can Help

The work of LEAF is largely dependent upon free will offerings from individuals and religious entities. If you feel you want to contribute to the work of LEAF, just go to Contact Us on this website and write us a note. We will then get in touch with you on how to donate to the organization.

The money donated to LEAF will directly go to the various projects in Laos, Thailand

and others in the future. 

With your donation you will help couples and families to become stronger emotionally and have an impact on their society for the betterment of it. 

You may wonder how you could become part of what LEAF stands for.

Our organization is closely affiliated with the work of the C&MA in the USA and the Netherlands.

See the link to the respective websites, by clicking on one of the above links.

Wanna HELP?

Donate to the work in the village!

When you feel positive about what will happen in the village soon, please, donate toward the goal, which is improved water provision for a village of about 100 households.

• ING 309400, IBAN = NL89 INGB 0000 3094 00 en BIC = INGBNL2A or

• ABN/AMRO, IBAN = NL76 ABNA 0484 6740 48 


while mentioning 'Thailand Project', @ CAMA-Zending, Driebergen, The Netherlands.

or a direct donation through iDeal   click here

Save up with us for Water in the village

A second hand tractor was obtained to do the tougher labor on the farm.

Now we are looking for donors to support the provision of potable drinking water for a family that lives just outside the village and who do not share in the plan for the village.

An excavator has been hired to dig some waterholes where natural water from an underground stream  has been spotted.

One hole was dug to create a source of drinking water. Another two holes were dug to start a small fish project and water irrigation for the farm and the livestock...

   Excavator laying drain to keep natural stream flowing