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Welcome to the LEAF Foundation...

มุลนิธีชีวิตเบิกบาน  ในประเทศไทย

LEAF's  Main Goals........................................................

* Supporting a Village

            e.g. Water Supply, Income Generation, Community Center

* Coaching

           e.g. Personal and/or Career Development

* Micro Loans

           e.g. Scholarships for underprivileged individuals and families

Below are the Basics about the LEAF foundation


Our Mission

LEAF exists to give people a chance to develop a balanced life and improve their well being by helping them to grow emotionally, relational, and spiritually. We assist them in developing their vocational or artistic skills by providing scholarships and coaching in education. We plant the seeds that lead individuals and families to establish a self-sufficient life.

Our Core Values

Join in LEAF's vision to live an extraordinary life, expressed in three core values:

Relationship-- The core of LEAF's mission lies in developing sincere, heartfelt relationships where honesty and communication form the foundation for meaningful interaction. LEAF builds all of its non-profit projects on the basis of a balanced, accountability-based relationship with the self and others.

Quality-- LEAF helps individuals to find their talent and provides the coaching to make their creativity blossom, always striving for an improved quality of life.

Education-- LEAF believes that extraordinary life begins with good education. Through events that promote art and culture, as well as seminars and personal coaching, LEAF seeks to increase awareness among the public, creating opportunities for talent to blossom and encouraging people to discover the heart of humanity: living life to the fullest.